Stephanie Rachael

Why do you dance? Dancing is my life line; my pulse; my heartbeat; the rhythm of my life. I am driven by a Passion to perform. I love the feeling of being in front of large crowds of people and putting in my entire heart and soul just to make them feel what I feel.

What makes you a professional? I understand the talent, effort, and passion it takes to be in this industry. Go-go is all about the talent. Being able to provide what the promoter wants may it be passionate free style, or perfect choreography.

Years Dancing: 16 Trained Dancing, 7 Go-Go

Favorite Music: 'Afterglow'- Wilkinson, the entire 'Home' album by Rudimental, 'Angels EP' by Cry Wolf, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen & The Garden State Soundtrack.

Bio: Stephanie Rachael is a born and raised Calgarian. Before she could even talk, she could dance. She started in ballet at the age of 4. By the time she was 10, she had joined many choirs and performing art groups, such as The Youth Singers of Calgary, a song and dance group. Together, they toured much of North America and earned an audition for the Mickey Mouse Club in Disney Land. From there she immersed herself into Jazz, Hip-hop, and Lyrical.

She did not stop at song and dance but also began to play the Alto Saxophone at the age of 11. She played and performed everything from Classical to Fusion. She won consecutive awards for musician of the year. Music had taken her life.

Her joined passion for performance and dance led her to Go-Go in 2008. She has danced in much of Alberta as well as Saskatchewan where she was a part of Goodlife Dancers. Since then she has been featured along such Dj’s as Andy Whitby, A-skillz, Dash Berlin, Skrillex, Zed's Dead, Porter Robinson, Deekline & Freq-Nasty just to name a few. She has been featured at the Pagoda Stage for the Shambhala music festival in 2011, 2012, and 2013.


Why do you dance? I dance because it makes me feel alive! When I hear a good rhythm I can’t help but let go and enter a state of serenity and bliss. All the energy built up inside of me is set free and I become one with the beat. My thoughts and worries slowly fade away with the soothing tempo and my body just can’t help itself. I love freestyle dancing because it offers me so much creativity. There’s no structure for once and I can be myself completely, I absolutely love that! Dancing is truly therapeutic for me.

What makes you a professional? I’ve always been a perfectionist and if it wasn’t for my drive to be the best at everything I do, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Though I may not have many years of training, I have an unrelenting passion for dance and natural talent. I am constantly working hard to better myself because I am aware of the challenges I face as someone with less experience and of course I want to be the best I can be! I am a professional because when I dance, I give it my all and put my heart and soul into it. Plus I’m no rookie to performing, I play/teach piano and violin!

Years Dancing: I’ve been dancing all my life! Whether it’s been in front of the mirror at home or performing a routine with some friends, I’ve always had a love for dance. I’ve taken hip hop, tap, and ballet as a child but most of my training comes from my own perseverance to better myself by watching others and I love trying out online dance tutorials.

Favorite Music: All music! There is something to appreciate from every genre. I like old school rap, RnB, techno, trance, dubstep, contemporary… but my favorite music to dance to would be something with an awesome bass! Basically anything you might hear at a rave is what I love to dance to.


Why do you dance? The feeling is inspiring. All of the craziness in the world doesn’tseem matter once I start to move; the music, my body, my mind and soul all cometogether forming one entity, even if only for 10 minutes. Dancing is a drug.

What makes you a professional? Pride. I am proud of what I do and anything less than 110%really isn’t an option. My goal is to constantly grow, I learn from others andtake criticism as fuel to better myself.

Years Dancing: I’ve been dancing ever since the Spice Girls and “girl power”exploded in the 90’s; Sporty Spice had some solid hip moves. As I have grown upI have taken a variety of classes from contemporary, hip-hop and belly dancing.Spontaneous dancing is my favorite kind. I think we need more flash mobs...

Favorite Music: I can appreciate anything with a good beat; Elton John,Sublime, Dethklok you name it. Trance, psychedelic and dubstep like Shpongleand Liquid Stranger truly have a place in my heart.


Why do you dance? I dance because A: it makes me feel like I'm on cloud 9 every time and B: because I love having the power to translate music through my body and have people look and appreciate the music through my energy and movement.

What makes you a professional? What makes me a professional is that I have love and respect for all my fellow dancers, I follow instructions, rules and regulations, and always stay positive.

Years Dancing: I've been dancing for a 2 and half years.

Favorite Music: I don't have favourite type of music. I listen to all genres, and yes, even country and metal. But the type I listen to the most is EDM as Im always dancing, and it's the best music to really dance to.


Why do you dance? I dance because it allows the side of me that is otherwise suppressed in life to come out. When I dance I get to be the person that I'm proud of. The emotional fulfillment I get from dancing is something unparalleled to any other medium of self expression

What makes you a professional? dancers around me. My respect for the art and admiration for those who've set the path before me permits me to grow as a dancer, and approach every opportunity as a learning experience.

Years Dancing: I've been dancing for as long as I can remember. I cannot think of a time in my life where I didn't feel the impulse to dance.

Favorite Music: I will always be devoted to the first sounds that filled my heart. Ray Charles, Buddy Holly, The Runaways and Joan Jett are just some of my favorites.


Why do you dance? Dancing has been a point of pride and passion for me for the last 6 years of my life. Spending my formative and following years in the electronic music scene, through festivals, community hall raves, and club nights, I developed a unique and free sense of motion, which taught me that I was someone people loved to watch dance. I have a deep passion for music of many different kinds, and moving to the music I love has always been a part of my life. Dancing is something I can't help but do; moving to a beat is natural I think to most of humanity.

What makes you a professional? Inspiration, motivation, and confidence. I have always felt so inspired watching dancers perform that I set my mind to becoming a dancer one day - now that I am, it's easy to let that inspiration be a driving factor in what will keep me focused and concentrated at every event. Taking a lot of pride in my work motivates me to do well and be classed with the best in my field, because of the passion that I have for the art of movement, the music, and La Gogue.

Years Dancing: Some of my earlier memories are of me dancing or singing at home, alone and with friends. In a way I have been dancing my entire life, even during my punk/metal days I would dance around to the music I enjoyed. It wasn't until I found the electronic scene in late 2008 that I really began to explore dance as a passionate hobby, and my love of the scene made me want to take part in some way. Since my first Shambhala I've gone to festivals annually and am always found at the front, right at the speakers, or on any kind of platform that I can really let go on.

Favorite Music: I enjoy music of many different genres as long as it's something I can move to. For my absolute top genres though, my longest love has been drum and bass, with dubstep being what brought me through my teenage years. Then I found glitch hop, my most recent sentimental music love. Those are my definite top three, but I still enjoy just about everything (even a couple of country-ish songs!)



Why do you dance? I dance because it is my passion. Dance is the way I can express myself. Dancing can be a release from my long days, its all most like mediation for me. Also dancing makes me feel like a beautiful strong confidant woman.

What makes you a professional? I take working for La Gogue very seriously. Not very many people get to do there passion as a source of employment. Steph and La Gogue, gave me an opportunity that means so much to me and that I would always represent La Gogue with the up most respect, class, and my work ethic is impeccable in all aspects of my life.

Years Dancing: I don't have professional training, I have taught myself. I'm 34 and started dancing in the music/rave scene from the age of 14. Evolving with the music and learning as I have danced along for 21 years.

Favorite Music: I would say I am drawn to house music, I love live instruments like saxophones, drums, and sexy vocals. I also love Dn'b, break beats and trap. I even like some country, I will always be a country girl at heart lol.


Why do you dance? I love to inspire and be inspired, so to dance to the beat of the music and move in a galvanizing way while seeing others around me invigorated brings excitement and joy to my heart, as well as a huge smile! :D That's why I dance.

What makes you a professional? I perform for those who want to be entertained and commit to the role of which is a dancer, while being conscientious and business like.

Years Dancing: In general, since I could walk. Professionally, for 5 years.

Favorite Music: I like to many to pick one, but any dj who plays DIRTY DIRTY BEATS!!!

Daniel (Prop Artist: Staff, Fire)

Why do you dance? Because I love to!! Nowhere else in my life do I feel the same kind of bliss and separation from all worldly stress, than I do when I'm rocking out in my zone.

What makes you a professional? My greatest strength as a performer comes from my passion for this artform, which shines through when I'm on stage, and keeps me constantly improving!"

Years Dancing: I have more than 10 years experience dancing, and 6 years as a professional flow artist and fire performer.

Favorite Music: I LOVE BREAKS!!! As well as drum & bass, hard house, psytrance, speed garage to name a few. In the end, I can find something I like in just about any genre of music. it's just more work with some :)

Bio: Fascinated by the martial arts from a young age, FloWarrior has always appreciated their merit as a meditative form of dance and self-expression, rather than a means of fighting. His love for electronic music led him to Shambhala music festival in 2004 where he first picked up a staff.

Discovering one of his passions in the flow arts community, he has since dedicated himself to honing his skills, and sharing them with others through teaching and performance. Branching out to just about anything he can get his hands on, he now specializes in sabres, fans, and buugeng as he seeks to establish himself as one of Edmonton’s top fire performers.

Check out his video's!

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