Define: La Gogue
(noun) {pronounced La Gohg}/gəʊɡ/

  1. A quality or state of being. To be out of ones self. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful; Transcendence.

Word Origin
an ancient French word meaning “Joy, happiness”, it is also the root word for à gogo, meaning “in abundance, galore”.

La Gogue is an incorporated company specializing in the entertainment industry. La Gogue is more than just an incorporated company, it is a family of performers that have been sharing their love of dance for years. We are visual artists with an abundance of passion and talent, and strive to personalize your events with our vision. May it be unique costumes, colors, body paint, props, or spinning with the elements, we can provide what you need.

La Gogue offers a variety of different acts such as: Go-Go Dancers, Break Dancer’s, Fire Spinners, Hula Hoopers and many more. Our performer’s are put through a vigorous audition process and are hand-picked to ensure they are qualified, beautiful, outgoing and professional. Choosing La Gogue means you are guaranteed to have fit, beautiful, professional, amazing performer’s at your event. As a client you may choose which performer you would like at your event (subject to availability) or let us choose them for you. We know the personality of each artist therefore we can make a decision based on what you want/mood of the event.

Our company wants nothing more than to share their love and energy at every opportunity. This common goal creates a unique and strong bond among the performers. It is more than a company, it is a family united by their love and passion of the arts. Our performer’s are friendly, joyful, playful and fun- No doubt they will melt your heart.

Since March 11th, 2010, our first show, we have performed at over 700 events. We have notably performed at Shambhala Music Festival, Motion Notion Music Festival, & Chasing Summer Music Festival. Our performers have danced along side A-Skillz, Dash Berlin, Skrillex, Swollen Memembers, Mickey Avalon, & Zeds Dead just to name a few. Our growth is reflected via our abundance of talent and professionalism.

Our Expertise;

We are available for:
➢ Club Nights

➢ Weekly Residencies

➢ Music Festivals

➢ Music videos

➢ Private Functions (not exotic)

➢ Out of Calgary/Province Events

➢ Modeling

➢ Promo work

➢ Event hosting

➢ Trade Shows

➢ Expos

➢ Roving

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